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RV Consignment Has Its Benefits:

R.V. Unlimited  offers an RV Consignment Program to RV owners with significant benefits. RV Consignment (formerly known as RV Leaseback) is a smart way to turn your liability into an income-producing asset. You can gain significant tax benefits by leasing your RV, as well as off-set the cost of ownership while putting money in your pocket every month.

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Studies By The RVIA and The RVDA Show:

Renting an RV makes good economic sense. Many RV models allow a family of four to save up to 57 percent on vacation costs over other forms of travel. Want to take your family of four to Orlando for a week? In a motorhome, that trip will cost 53 percent less than flying, renting a car, staying in a hotel, and eating out.”

The most popular length of an RV rental contact was six to seven nights, according to those answering the survey.

RVDA Survey

Our RV Consignment Program Works

We are professionals in the area of RV Consignment. We Consign as well as rent RV’s and Campers, we have mastered the process of getting the best return for our RV owners. We manage Gas, towables and Diesel RV Rentals. We can add your RV to our Fleet while you remain full owner. Our RV Consignment Program is a great way to defer the cost of owning your RV and potentially put money in your pocket every month. It’s a fact that people are traveling by RV more today than ever before, studies show that traveling by RV is one of the most economical ways to travel. This is how it works. The demand for RV rental  is high and supply is low in this market and the majority of our owners experience great return on their RV’s monthly. Depending on the make and model, owners can make $5,000-$30,000 in additional income a year. In addition to the extra income the cost’s of ownership are greatly diminished and in some cases covered 100%. Owners can gain tax benefits when they join the R.V.-Unlimited fleet.

RV Consignment Tampa

  • Our owners receive 50% of the rental rate anytime the RV is rented.
  • We are all-inclusive for our Clientele, and this produces more rentals for our owners
  • We provide monthly detailed records on your RV, such as maintenance, mileage, hours and such. RV-Unlimited will provide a detailed copy of the records with your monthly check for rental fees; this is a free service for our owners.
  • RV-Unlimited RV Rentals will add your vehicle to our master commercial rental policy to save our owners money on the insurance expense. We also offer additional insurance for our renters through our commercial rental insurance policy as well as an additional liability policy that covers up to $1M. We also have choice commercial renters insurance that covers your RV or camper in case the renters auto insurance does not cover for any reason. You will be covered properly and heavily anytime you wish to use your unit.
  • RV-Unlimited RV Rental provides free storage every month at our location as long as the RV rents out at least once during the month. This includes a security gate, 24 hour monitoring, high tech camera system and shore power as well as water hook ups.
  • All  RV-Unlimited Rental customers pay a damage deposit for any of our units, it is enough to cover any unexpected damages and/or cover the insurance deductible. Typically $500 on camper and up to $1500 on Class A RV Rentals.
  • The amount of rentals depends on the make and model of the RV. At this time RV rental demand is higher than the supply. While we can’t guarantee or promise the number of rentals your RV will have, we have consistent  monthly rentals and we would be happy to show you more details on how we aggressively market to our demographic to keep your RV on the road year round.
  • We supply all the advertising and marketing to maximize the amount of rental time and $$$ in your pocket.
  • Your RV is available when you want it, and we make sure its clean, all tanks are full or empty as well as inspected by our certified RV technicians.
  • Significant tax benefits- write off depreciation, maintenance, insurance and other related expenses may apply.(talk to your tax professional for details)

Tampa RV Consignment Program
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